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The 8-Step Process To Replace Your Roof

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

As a homeowner, one of the most important days in your life is the day you get your roof installed. You must ensure that the roofing or construction contractor uses the right techniques and follows the correct process. It will result in a long-lasting roof and give you peace of mind in the long run. Beware of contractors that cut corners or ignore details; otherwise, your roof will no longer be a fruitful investment.

Roof replacement steps vary from contractor to contractor. However, the process is pretty similar among reputable roofing contractors in Houston.

Below, we have listed the 8-step process to replace your roof!

  1. Delivery of roofing materials to your house: Delivering the roofing materials to your place is the first step of the roof replacement process. Usually, the roofing contractors in Houston, Texas deliver them a day prior to they begin working at the site. Ensure you keep them in a dry area at the nearest roof access point. Ask your contractor not to deliver the materials multiple days in advance; otherwise, those shingles will destroy your lawn.

  2. Moving the vehicles out of the way: During the entire roof installation process, the driveway is most likely to be blocked. Therefore, you should move the vehicles out of your driveway to use them at your convenience. The vehicles should not refrain you or your family from going about your business as usual. It will also protect the cars from any damage if any debris falls on them from your roof.

  3. Protecting the property: The next step is preparing your house for roof tear-off. The construction company in Houston, TX will tarp the ground for the dump zones and cover the shrubbery and landscaping. They will follow all the required steps to protect your property during roof replacement.

  4. Tearing off your old roof: Then, the roofing company will tear off your old roof in sections- starting on the furthest corner away from your driveway. Meanwhile, some installers may stay behind and start with the new roof installation to save time.

  5. Cleaning of gutters: During roof replacement, tear-off debris, leaves, and other items can penetrate the gutters and create a blockage. Therefore, the contractor will remove these items and clean the gutters.

  6. Installing of roofing materials: The contractor will lay the underlayment and install the drip edge. Then, they will install the shingles on the roof, followed by putting on all the ridge capping. Lastly, they will install the vents for proper roof ventilation. Invest in good quality roofing materials for increased lifespan of the roof.

  7. Clean up after the installment: The roofer will blow off your roof so that the leftover debris falls on the dump tarps. Then, they will roll up all tarps and clear the ground properly. They may also use a strong magnet to collect all the nails lying around the property. You must feel like they never came to your property.

  8. Inspection: Finally, the contractor will inspect the finished product. They will look around and ensure that the final output matches your expectations. They will also double-check the areas vulnerable to leaks, such as skylights and chimneys, and ensure that they are fully protected. You should also inspect the work to ensure they properly installed the roof and followed all local codes.

About Pinnacle Construction Group

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Jun 28, 2022

These are the methods that usually roof repair companies use to replace the roof but there are some other methods also to do it.

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