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6 Elements of a Proper Roofing Estimate

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

The roof is the most essential part of the house. Without a roof, there is no house. However, being an integral part of a house, it demands regular maintenance and total replacement once in a while. But, you must choose a reliable roofing contractor for the job to get the desired results.

Whenever you work with any of the roofing contractors in Houston, they always share an estimate with you beforehand. It is like an invoice they generate for their services. However, several contractors mention incorrect or partial information in the estimate, which you must be cautious of.

Below, we have listed the top six elements of a proper roofing estimate.

1. Contact information: All general contractors in Houston must mention their contact information (company name, phone number, website, address, and email address) on the estimate. It will help you know more about the company and reach out to them for any doubts. Registration numbers or license details signify the business's legitimacy.

2. Detailed work information: The estimate must include detailed information about every task they will perform, like:

  • Roofing type to be installed

  • Bolts and fasteners’ size

  • Details about the layers

  • Equipment and machinery they will use

  • Locations of the flashes.

Note: If it is a roof replacement job, they should include details about the process of ripping off the old roof too.

3. Costs: The roofing company must mention all the costs associated with the process. It will help you compare the quotes of other vendors. They must include the following details without fail:

  • Labor costs

  • Material costs

  • Roof installation costs

  • Permit costs

  • Roof ripping cost

  • Cleanup and disposal fee

All roofing contractors near me must be transparent and not surprise you with hidden fees later.

4. Protection of property: All roofing contractors in Houston, Texas take precautionary measures to protect your property from damage. Now, the roofer must mention what precautionary measures they’ll take and to what extent they will follow those to protect your property. They should also mention the costs associated with them.

5. Start and completion date: The start and completion date is the basic yet most important element of a roofing estimate. The estimate must mention the date the project will start and the date the roofing company plans to complete it. It will help you make arrangements for your stay during that period. Ideally, a roof repair company must keep some buffer days for unforeseen circumstances.

Also, ensure they mention the date they drew up the estimate. It will help you learn how old the estimate is and compare costs in the future.

6. Materials used: The roofer will use various materials to complete the job. Without fail, they must list all those materials in the estimate as they will significantly influence the overall roofing cost. It will also help you know what you’re spending your money on and if the materials are high-quality.

About Pinnacle Construction Group

Looking for the above-mentioned elements in your roofing estimate will ensure that you choose a reliable building contractor for your project. At Pinnacle Construction Group, we offer Houston's most trusted residential and commercial construction services. Our clients choose us for our team of world-class contractors and home remodeling specialists. For more information, contact us at (832) 356-3004, write to, or fill out our contact form.

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